Here are a few tips on how to fix things:
1. You hit the power button on your computer, and it doesn't turn on - make sure it is pluged in or charged.
2. You open the internet, and it says "page can not be found" - either your internet is down, your internet router is not pluged in, or the page is currently being worked on.
3. The volume isn't working - There is a little speaker in the bottom left corner. Make sure it is up. Also, make sure the speakers are plugged in.
4. Your on the internet, and a message comes up and says "Warning! Your computer shows several signs of having a virus!" - DON'T CLICK ON IT. It is a trick and someone may be trying to spy on your computer. Don't click OK, cancel, or X. Use Alt and F4 to close out of it safely.
5. You turn on your computer, open the internet, etc., and an error report pops up. - Try contacting the company to have them fix it. You can also try rebooting your computer.
Mrs. Jorae
11/16/2011 12:22:22 pm

Congratulations you have earned $300.00 of virtual money. Add this to your Google Docs spreadsheet! Move on to the next activity!


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