A digital footprint is something left behind by you if you visit a website. For example, if you post something on Facebook, you have left a "footprint" online. Unlike a note you might write, a post can never be deleted. You have PERMENANTLY left a footprint there.

    We leave digital footprints all the time. Like if you were to post a comment on this post you would be leaving a digital footprint. I comment on stuff, like I used to have a Facebook, and I would post comments. I also post comments on Scratch (see the link on the top bar for more information on Scratch). When I post comments, I make sure that I am nice. One time I was about to post something, and then realized it might be offensive, so I didn't. If people were to look at anything I have ever posted online, they would probably think that I am a really nice person. You need to watch what you post!

    There is something called the Way Back Machine that you can use to veiw websites that have been deleted. I used it to go all the  to a website called PBS Lewis and Clark Website from way back in 2003!
If you post a website, but you decide to delet it, you really can't. Even though you do, you can still access it using the Way Back Machine. 

    Employers might look online for things that you post because they want to know how you act/act online. They can easily check how smart you are or how nice you are by looking online.
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10/27/2011 02:30:46 am

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