Cyberbullying and Netiquette

Cyberbullying: When a teen uses a computer, phone, or another device to make a post that can hurt or embarrass another person.

Netiquette: Good manners when using the internet.

Digital Citizenship: Appropriate behavior while using technological devices.

Internet Safety

    Make sure that you go to websites that you know are safe. Keep your settings online to personal, that way people can find out personal information about you. If you are shopping online, make sure you will be safe shopping and people can't access your credit card or any thing else that they shouldn't.
    While on the internet, it is important to stay safe. Make sure you don't know who your talking to. You  know if you could be friends with a robber or criminal, someone from your school, or an adult. It can be dangerous if your hanging out with some of these people. Never give out personal information, that could just make it worse. Never tell you phone number, address, school, etc.
    If your identity gets stolen, there are several things you could/couldn't do to get it back. If your stolen information includes your Social Security Number, call one of the three nationwide consumer reporting companies and place a "initial fraud alert." A Fair Credit Reporting Act allows you to only get a free copy of your credit report from each of the three nationwide consumer reporting companies every year. A way to protect your identity is by using passwords only you would know. Use random digits and numbers that you can remember. If you use personal information about you for a password, people can look that up and try to break into your account. By the way the three nationwide consumer reporting companies are Equinox, Experian, and TransUnion. If your identity is stolen, take action right away!
This proves I know all about Identity Theft!
This proves that I know all about internet safety!

Emoticons and Abbreviations

    An emoticon is a combination of the words emotion and icon. It can be used to express feeling or emotions. Most are viewed at a 90° angle. Some of them are not. They could be used for fun when chatting with your friends, but they shouldn't be used for other stuff, like emailing your boss.

Here are a few emoticons:
:) - smile
:( - frown
;) - wink
:P - sticking your tongue out
o_O - surprised
<3 - heart
:| - strait face
:X - sealed lips
3:) - devil
0:) - angel
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