I found this course to be very fun. It was fun working with computers, earning virtual money for completing assignments, and, best of all, adding games! I learned a little about computers, but most of it I already knew. I wish it was longer so I could be in it longer. Oh well, that's all!
This is one of my games I created in scratch. Click the green flag to start.

Up is to jump.
Right and Left are to move.
Hold Up while hitting a wall to wall jump.
Hit the ceiling to cling to it, then hit Down to drop.

On the boss level, click to throw a ninja star.

If this goes slow, click here


Here are a few tips on how to fix things:
1. You hit the power button on your computer, and it doesn't turn on - make sure it is pluged in or charged.
2. You open the internet, and it says "page can not be found" - either your internet is down, your internet router is not pluged in, or the page is currently being worked on.
3. The volume isn't working - There is a little speaker in the bottom left corner. Make sure it is up. Also, make sure the speakers are plugged in.
4. Your on the internet, and a message comes up and says "Warning! Your computer shows several signs of having a virus!" - DON'T CLICK ON IT. It is a trick and someone may be trying to spy on your computer. Don't click OK, cancel, or X. Use Alt and F4 to close out of it safely.
5. You turn on your computer, open the internet, etc., and an error report pops up. - Try contacting the company to have them fix it. You can also try rebooting your computer.
    Everyone's knows some good sites. But what if you forget what it's called? Well, that's okay, as long as you use this thing called delicious. You can put all of your favorite links on to your account. You'll never forget the name of a website again (hopefully).
This is what my account looks like!

Cyberbullying and Netiquette

Cyberbullying: When a teen uses a computer, phone, or another device to make a post that can hurt or embarrass another person.

Netiquette: Good manners when using the internet.

Digital Citizenship: Appropriate behavior while using technological devices.

Internet Safety

    Make sure that you go to websites that you know are safe. Keep your settings online to personal, that way people can find out personal information about you. If you are shopping online, make sure you will be safe shopping and people can't access your credit card or any thing else that they shouldn't.
    While on the internet, it is important to stay safe. Make sure you don't know who your talking to. You  know if you could be friends with a robber or criminal, someone from your school, or an adult. It can be dangerous if your hanging out with some of these people. Never give out personal information, that could just make it worse. Never tell you phone number, address, school, etc.
    If your identity gets stolen, there are several things you could/couldn't do to get it back. If your stolen information includes your Social Security Number, call one of the three nationwide consumer reporting companies and place a "initial fraud alert." A Fair Credit Reporting Act allows you to only get a free copy of your credit report from each of the three nationwide consumer reporting companies every year. A way to protect your identity is by using passwords only you would know. Use random digits and numbers that you can remember. If you use personal information about you for a password, people can look that up and try to break into your account. By the way the three nationwide consumer reporting companies are Equinox, Experian, and TransUnion. If your identity is stolen, take action right away!
This proves I know all about Identity Theft!
This proves that I know all about internet safety!

Emoticons and Abbreviations

    An emoticon is a combination of the words emotion and icon. It can be used to express feeling or emotions. Most are viewed at a 90° angle. Some of them are not. They could be used for fun when chatting with your friends, but they shouldn't be used for other stuff, like emailing your boss.

Here are a few emoticons:
:) - smile
:( - frown
;) - wink
:P - sticking your tongue out
o_O - surprised
<3 - heart
:| - strait face
:X - sealed lips
3:) - devil
0:) - angel
    You can digitally edit pictures (like the ones I made below). Some people don't use them properly though. Like if you are trying to promote something, and you take someone/something and put it so that it looks like it's somewhere else, that's not good. That would be lying, because it's not actually there.
Having fun on the cat!
On the computer!
    A digital footprint is something left behind by you if you visit a website. For example, if you post something on Facebook, you have left a "footprint" online. Unlike a note you might write, a post can never be deleted. You have PERMENANTLY left a footprint there.

    We leave digital footprints all the time. Like if you were to post a comment on this post you would be leaving a digital footprint. I comment on stuff, like I used to have a Facebook, and I would post comments. I also post comments on Scratch (see the link on the top bar for more information on Scratch). When I post comments, I make sure that I am nice. One time I was about to post something, and then realized it might be offensive, so I didn't. If people were to look at anything I have ever posted online, they would probably think that I am a really nice person. You need to watch what you post!

    There is something called the Way Back Machine that you can use to veiw websites that have been deleted. I used it to go all the  to a website called PBS Lewis and Clark Website from way back in 2003!
If you post a website, but you decide to delet it, you really can't. Even though you do, you can still access it using the Way Back Machine. 

    Employers might look online for things that you post because they want to know how you act/act online. They can easily check how smart you are or how nice you are by looking online.
    A visual organizer - as the name suggests - is something that can help you organize something visually. It could be useful to help keep track of things. If you had a job or were at school, you could use a visual organizer to help present it, and to help the people understand it.
                                     This is a visual organizer that I made of Cedar Point!
This is a visual organizer that I made about plants!
                                                            Sorry it's a bit small.
    A personal network is a group of people that can talk to each other over the web. Some examples of personal networks are Facebook, Twitter, and My Space. Personal networks can give people the power of the media. People can exchange ideas and talk about things they like. There is probably someone out there that has the  same interests, so you can talk with them.

    You have to be careful while using a personal networks. Don't post mean things, and don't post inappropriate pictures or messages that you might regret, or you could get in a lot of trouble. If you post something, it can travel around the world... FAST. If you post something that you don't want others to see, I advise you don't post it. Also, don't say mean things while your gaming. It's just a game, no need to post threats or bully others. People often can look at your personal networks when they select you for school or colleges. If you say stuff you don't like, you can even get rejected from it.   

courtesy of dougwoods
    Instead of sitting in a classroom like you do every day, would you like to learn online instead? You can learn online anywhere and anytime! All you need is internet access. For example, you could even learn online while laying in bed! There are classes that you can attend online. Some courses are completley online, and others are a combination of online and in a classroom. Keep in mind that learning online is not for everyone. In order to be successful learning online, you need to be self-motivated, indepentant, you need to know how to use a computer, you need to be organized, comitted, and an effective writer.

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