I have reached the end of my class, so I won't be posting anything here. If you want to see more of my projects, then go to scratch.mit.edu. My username is picklerok, so you can still view more projects. I really had fun here, doing one of my favorite things in school was awesome. I am looking forward to other computer classes next year, so I will be updating more then! Until next year!
I don't know if I will make more levels. It is pretty short...

Press Space to start.
Use WASD to move.
Click to throw.

Valid colors for menu: Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Green, Purple, Rainbow
I used 30 second of the song Don't Stop Believin' by Journey.

Press Y to watch them perform it!
Press L to start.

Click on the ring and release to throw it! Watch out for the wind because it will affect the ring's speed. Aim for the brown stick to advance to the next level! It gets harder as it goes along.
This is a Mario game that I made!

Press O to start.

Use the arrow keys to move. Jump on enemy to kill them. Don't hit them on the side though!

Credit to thesuperguide for the music and sprites.

Download! It doesn't work well online... 
Type in what you want to know about your future, then hit ENTER or the CHECK MARK and the crystal ball will answer you!

(You do not need to use a key to start this one since it doesn't really start until you type something in anyways.)
Press X to start.

This is an animation I made, I recorded my voice, then used audacity to change the pitch so it is a really high pitch.
Put your mouse on orange to start the maze. Don't touch red. Yellow takes you to the next level. One dot you control, and the other mirrors your movements! Use the mouse to control the dot.
 Press K to start.

I animated them so it looks like they are actually moving and talking!
 Press B to start.

This is a short party animation I made.

    Press a certain key to start each project. Click the red stop sign to stop the project.