I really had a lot of fun in this class. I was able to do what ever I wanted and create whatever I felt like creating. This was really a lot of fun. I recommend this course to others, because I had a lot of fun! There were some things that were hard, like my house, which took hours to make. I really like my house. That was my greatest accomplishment in this class. It was awesome. But now I am done with this course, and I look forward to taking more. Adiós!
Not the best photos, but they get the point across.
This is an awesome floating house that I made complete with: 4 Jet Engines (for flying),  a Ship, a Front Yard, a Back Hallway, 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, a Living Room, a  Sun Room, a Closet, a Computer (with Minecraft on it), and a CYCLOTRON!
Trees by: Ganyedes
Ship by: dawn of the spiderpigs
In this version of my playground, I made a video that takes on a walk through my playground. Hope you have fun! 
This is the second playground I made. I took my original playground and added parts made by Ben H, november98, and Ganyedes.
This is a playground that I made. It is complete with benches, slides, monkey bars, and a pole to slide down.



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This is a bunch of tools that I made. There isn't really anything else to say but that...
This is a snake I made in Google Sketchup. I drew a curvy line and the used the "follow me" tool to make a tube along the line to form a snake body.

    This is not working properly...



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The first model is of a car, and the second model is the car in a garage. This has the sphere, a cone, and a tube in it.
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