I really enjoyed this course. It was a lot of fun making projects. I LOVE to program, and I hope to do more of it in the future. If you like programming, you would like this course. It was a lot of fun. This class can also improve your problem solving skills by trying to do everything on your own. I am really proud of my accomplishments, especially the Plane Game below. I don't have any more computer classes this year, but next year when I'm in high school I might! Well... unfortunately, that's it for this year. Goodbye blogging buddy and everyone else!
Here I fly a plane around in a game. I control the plane and bunny, as well as interact with the game. This took me a while to make.
Here I learned a lot of things by discovering them on my own. I found out how to move objects using keys, and how to ask yes/no questions (can also ask for strings). I also learned a few techniques, one being how to make the screen go black, which is not actually a function of the camera.
This is probably the shortest animation yet.
Here is a picture of the car script.
Here I learned how to use variables, how to get the dimensions of something, and how to use the distance function.
This is a little animation I put together.
I didn't really learn anything new here, it was more of just practice.
This is almost even more random than my "Random" video.
Here I learned how to make objects grow and shrink.
This is a more complicated version of my original skater. She does a figure 8 and then a jump spin.
Here I learned to use the AsSeenBy tool. I made it so that the camera rotates AsSeenBy the skater at the end, so that the camera rotates around her. Also, the skater rotates AsSeenBy the cones to do the figure 8.
Here I tried to combine all of my previous skills to make an animation.




Umm... this is kind of random.
Here I learned how to use the HeBuilder and SheBuilder to make my own people for my animation.
Don't steal from aliens, especially if you don't speak their language.
This is a commercial for the Caribbean Hotel. It's pretty cheap.